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            Pam Cleary   CPDT-KA                        
            phone          604 947 9732
            cell               604 341 2765

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            Best Friends Dog Training
            c/o Pam Cleary        
                     1301 Mt Gardner Rd      
            Bowen Island     V0N 1G2

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daycare/boarding- 1301 Mt Gardner Rd, house driveway across from Hiker’s Trail Rd

training yard- 1301 Mt. Gardner Rd- 2nd Entrance

watch for the ‘bfdt’ sign on the right just before Bolton Rd

As a certified pet dog trainer, Pam Cleary focuses on positive training techniques, utilizing rewards, leadership and dog psychology to develop positive behaviours in your pet. From house training to agility, the results are amazing. 

A Bowen resident for over 15 years, Pam Cleary has been training pet dogs professionally since 2001.  With 30-odd years of owning, breeding and training dogs, plus 4 dogs of her own, Pam has the resources to make your relationship with your dog the best it can be!

Member in good standing, Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers.

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