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best friends dog training

Levels Training Classes


The best value and flexibility.Once you have attended orientation, you are ready to start. As you master the skills, you simply move up through the levels, attending classes that fit your schedule, as many classes as you like for the duration of your package.  Flexible and affordable, different length packages are available for purchase. Each team starts with the intro class, and progresses through the levels. Your instructor  assesses the skills of your team and promotes you through the levels as your proficiency increases.  Each class is one hour, schedules will vary, call for current information. Check the calendar for the schedule of classes.

 Intro class

Your first class is a no dogs needed introduction to the training principles applied during the classes. We look at leadership skills, learning theory and the practical aspects of raising a dog you can live with. Call to book.

 Level one

In which we learn to walk… building foundation behaviours, including clicker use, paying attention, loose leash walking and recall basics. Start “leave it” and “go to place” cues as well.

 Level two

Learn the cues! Cover the basic “Sit”, “Down” and “Stand” cues, luring and fading lures as a teaching tool. Includes adding duration to sit down and stand.  Advance the “leave it”  and “go to place”.

 Level three

Start your really reliable recalls; add duration, distance and distractions to the basic cues, fine tune “leave it” and “go to place”.

 CGN Prep

Canine Good Neighbour Preparation- covers the 10 skills required to pass the CKC canine good neighbour test.  The skills tested are listed below...

  • TEST 1 - Accepting A Friendly Stranger
  • TEST 2 - Politely Accepts Petting
  • TEST 3 - Appearance and Grooming
  • TEST 4 - Out For A Walk
  • TEST 5 - Walking Through A Crowd
  • TEST 6 - Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place
  • TEST 7 - Come When Called
  • TEST 8 - Praise/Interaction
  • TEST 9 - Reaction To A Passing Dog
  • TEST 10 - Reaction To Distractions
  • TEST 11 - Supervised Isolation
  • TEST 12 - Walking Through A Door/Gate
  • for more information call Pam or go to

    check the calendar for class times