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Testimonial for Pam Cleary

To whom it may concern:

We came to Pam with our border collie cross puppy who has more energy to expend than a ballistic rocket, and was pulling on the leash among a few other issues. We had tried some training methods before, and had some results, but no consistency and lots of deterioration. There was lots of work to be done and we didn’t know how. The training process with Pam was highly effective and we saw results from the first session! The positive approach worked immediately and the format and structure that Pam has created, involving training several times a week in more than one location, has been the most successful from everything I’ve seen and tried. Pam is kind, professional, knowledgeable, creative, to the point, direct, and has an answer/solution to everything you will ever bring up or have to solve. She also has a sense of humour and a huge breadth of experience, which she draws on to illustrate exercises and on which she bases her solid training principles, combined with foundational dog psychology. She seems to have omni-directional eyeballs too, since she can pay attention to several groups of animals and humans at once! She had no problems using commands in a different language, which is what we needed, and catered to three completely different ages in our family. Her approach was highly personalized to both our dog and the various family members. Pam Cleary’s Best Friends Dog Training is definitely the biggest value for the money and most effective dog training program in Vancouver! On behalf of a family of six, BRAVO!

June 1 2013

My husband and I attended the puppy class with Pam Cleary of Best Friends Dog Training when we got our first puppy. She reinforced positive training techniques which laid a strong foundation when future training became necessary.

Our puppy became dog-dog aggressive a few years later and we didn’t hesitate to contact Pam for assistance immediately. With a few one-on-one sessions she decided to offer a training course specifically designed for dog-dog aggression. We attended the weekly class with a few other clients. These sessions occurred initially in her outdoor training facility and “worked up” to walking sessions along various trails. Through these sessions, we were provided with the tools to anticipate problem areas, address instances of aggression, as well as understand the triggers associated with the aggression, all while maintaining positive training techniques. This culminated in a controlled meeting between our dog and another dog which our dog had previously been in an altercation with. Pam skillfully negotiated the meeting and both dogs were able to meet through a chain link fence without showing signs of stress.

With this understanding of our dogs and their needs, as well as the other dogs in her charge, Pam provided both day care and boarding services when needed for our dogs. When we moved from Bowen, Pam assisted us with finding a certified dog trainer to continue the training in our new city. Furthermore, Pam continues to happily respond to queries about new behaviors with both our dogs. We look forward to having access to these services when we relocate back to Bowen.

M.F., 2010